Inspection & Preparation

  • With the ever increasing need to keep your maintenance cost down, most companies have reduced their engineering staff to a minimum.
  • It may now, not be cost effective to use your own staff to carry out the preparation work for your boilers annual insurance inspections.
  • Advanced Boiler Services Ltd (One of the South West Leading Boiler Preparation Specialist) can provide you with a very easy solution.
  • We can prepare your boiler for it’s annual insurance inspection or 5 yearly NDT Test.
  • Most boilers can be prepared, inspected and tested returning it to service with in 3 to 4 days
  • With prices from under £1000 and with the minimum disruption to your company there is no need to use your overtime budget for this annual cost.
  • We have a good working relationship with all the insurance companies and know most of their surveyors within your area.
  • We are a south west based, local company with over 50 years experience with in the boiler industry.

Pipe Work Fabrication

Our coded welders are able to carry out repairs, renew and new installations of all steam pipe work

  • On site welded or screwed pipe work to steam, condensate or air pipe works
  • Upgrade of water level controls to latest specifications
  • Installation of TDS control systems
  • All aspects of pipe work undertaken

Burner Replacement

We can replace your inefficient boiler with a new state-of-the-art burner

  • New burner controls with multi touch screens
  • Exhaust gas analysing
  • Remote monitoring and controls
  • Control panel training

SBG 1/2 NDT Preparation

5 year NDT examination now due?

  • Liaise with NDT surveyor (supply if required)
  • Remove cladding and lagging to expose welds
  • Prepare boiler shell for testing
  • Removal and replacement of furnace brickwork
  • Rebuild after examination
  • Welding repairs can be carried out if required

Replacement of Brickwork & Refractory

A full service is available to inspect and repair if possible or remove and replace your burner furnace refractory

Boiler & Burner Spares

We can supply a full range of boiler spares and equipment

  • High quality assured
  • Reliable nationwide delivery

New Boiler Installation, Relocation & Removal

Our team are specialist in:

  • New boiler installation
  • Relocations of existing boiler
  • Removal of redundant boilers
  • A full pipework installation including steam, fuel and air
  • Valve replacement or service

Chemical Descaling

We can carry out a chemical descale of your boiler water space

  • Removal of calcium carbonate scale
  • Improve heating efficiency of your boiler
  • Waste disposal to approved waste sites if required

Boiler Weld Repairs

A full range of coded weld repairs or modifications can be carried out to your boiler

  • D patch repairs
  • Tube replacements
  • Access ring replacement or repairs
  • Furnace tube replacement
  • All aspects of boiler repairs arranged
  • Upgrade of water level controls